Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Request for Headcovering Patterns

I keep noticing on my information feed that my pages entitled "free head scarf pattern" and "how to make a head covering" get a lot of hits.  I imagine that many people are looking for head scarf and head covering patterns, so they can make their own. 

 Please, if you have a pattern, send a link to me here.  Please, if you have a site where you sell your own pattern or head coverings, send a link here as well.  I intend to post another article soon with a similar title so that those looking for free or even to-buy patterns for head coverings and head scarves can find a whole variety of patterns to choose from.

Please, Readers, help a head cover-er - who may cover for whatever reason - out, and post us a link to a free headcovering pattern!  Thanks!
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