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Who the Head Covering is For

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The question was asked in this forum : "My wife is a prophetess and wants to know is the heading covering still necessary, because people come at her as though she is a muslim, but she only living according to 1 Cor 11 th chapter!"

(The picture here is from a news article from a long time ago that I liked and wanted to use. In this photo the women are wearing the "doily" style headcovering, but I know of several Christian women who use the traditional hair wrap style -- and I think it is most becoming. - LisaM)

Here is one response at the forum:

Reply by Bishop R.G.Mallory -- "The covering is appropiate however there is no need to call attention to oneself. the covering in the scripture fit with the customs of the society hence the vail. your wife can wear a hat or some kind of Scarf wrapped the way sisters wrap them and the only people that will know she is obeying 1 Cor 11 is you, her and your church family. The Doctrine of head covering is for the church not sinners therfore it should not be used as something to witness. Nor should churches grab unsuspecting visitors to make them conform. It is the Doctrine of the church for the church! why have a sinner cover her head?"

Something to think about. People do have a problem with thinking that "if a headcovering draws attention, then it goes against modesty and is unnecessary". So listen to this thought, ladies: your headcovering is not a witness. Right? How many women have said, especially as beginners, they do NOT wear head coverings to draw attention to themselves, or to proclaim that they think that they are "holier" than anyone else. So many who do not believe that the head covering is necessary bring this up. But consider - that is NOT what the Christian woman is wearing a head covering for. Many times the poor thing is embarrassed to act on her desire to be obedient to GOD because she is worried that she will cause others to think that maybe she is trying to look like she's better than they are. But the headcovering, as stated by this man so simply, is for her, for her husband, and for her church family. So think of the modesty passages in other scriptures, and dress accordingly with your headcovers - avoid the sparkles, and eye-catching colors, and wild hats, and other "frippery". And, men who believe in headcovering, please be patient with the unbelieving women. Forcing a headcovering to make someone conform is like baptizing a baby who has no choice in the matter, or feeding the LORD's supper to someone who cannot discern the body and the blood of Christ. Are you thinking, better safe than sorry? Wait a minute. You cannot save anyone. Obeying laws cannot save anyone. Give the example of the older or believing women a chance to teach the Word without a word but by the beautiful manner of their lives. (Not meaning to preach to you or judge your motives, men and women, but this is my opinion at this point; I hope you understand where I'm coming from and what I'm trying to explain, from my point of view).

Though others may not understand what the headcovering is for, pray that they find letters like this one, or any of the blogs and articles written by the Christian women who have chosen to cover their heads. It is done in obedience to GOD, in deference to their husbands and other messengers of GOD, in reflection of the creation order, in the attempt to hide their own glory of their hair when in fact the emphasis during prayer and speaking the words of GOD should be on GOD's glory.

What do you think, readers?
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