Monday, November 2, 2009

The Headscarf In The News This Week

"Clinic Forbids Muslim Doctor to Wear Headscarf - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -"
"DALLAS — A Muslim doctor interviewing for a job at a suburban Dallas medical clinic says officials there told her she couldn't wear her headscarf while working." . . .

"CAIR officials say complaints from women being told to not wear a hijab in the workplace have become rare in recent years as more employers become informed of their responsibilities under the Civil Rights Act. The law also prevents employers from avoiding religious accommodations because they think the public might not be comfortable with a certain practice, Athman said."

"Killer of 'headscarf martyr' in dock - Channel 4 News"

"The trial of a man accused of murdering a pregnant Egyptian woman in a German court room begins today, in a case that has incensed many in the Muslim world."

"Kuwait: Headscarf not a must for female lawmakers - Yahoo News"

"KUWAIT CITY – Kuwait's highest court ruled Wednesday that women lawmakers are not obliged by law to wear the headscarf, a blow to Muslim fundamentalists who want to fully impose Islamic Sharia law in this small oil-rich state." . . .

Review: "Muslim women film series dispels stereotypes - in The Guilfordian (Guilford College, North Carolina, US)", beginning:
The IDS 485: Arab and Islamic Feminisms class, taught by Assistant Professor of English Diya Abdo, is presenting a Muslim women film series. The film series challenges stereotypes about Muslim women by exploring the lives of Muslim women around the world.

"They Call Me Muslim," the first film in the series, was screened in Bryan Jr. Auditorium on Oct. 6. Directed by Diana Ferrero, the film examines the debate over the Muslim headscarf by interviewing two women; one in France who is forced to remove her hijab, and another woman in Iran who is forced to put it on.

A small group of students gathered to watch the film and afterwards participated in a discussion that was led by four seniors from Abdo's IDS class. The discussion focused on how the hijab relates to oppression, identity, and anti-Muslim sentiments.

"For many women, the veil is liberating," said presenting senior Lee Cornett, addressing the common Western misconception that the hijab is a symbol of oppression. "We all place different ideologies on the same piece of clothing." . . .
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