Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breast Cancer Survivor Helps Cover Others

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"Breast cancer survivor keeping others covered" - WAFF 48 News in Alabama
HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - One breast cancer survivor is on a mission to bring comfort to others battling the disease.

Please also read: "Hats off to no hair - and to being chemo sensitive", BY KATHY LATOUR, on blogs.


I like to keep others in mind that head covering is not only about commands and religion. In the letter of Paul to the Corinthians, he appeals also to the "nature" of things; that to a woman, her hair is a glorious mantle. Women who lose their hair, for whatever reason, desire to have something further on their heads. It is taken for granted - no one writes stories about how women who lose their hair need to get out there and cover their heads. Contrariwise, some people do feel that they have to write to encourage women to feel OK to be bald. Thing is, it really just isn't "natural" (albeit, it happens that women do sometimes lose their hair naturally), and the desire to cover the head has little to do with "nurture" or the culture. Women of various cultural backgrounds have culturally begun accepting women with shorter hair, but still, there is hair, and it is usually kept in a feminine style of some sort.

What culture or law can keep a woman from putting something on her head? Why do women who want to "let their hair down" want to discourage other women from putting even more on their heads, like a hat, scarf or veil? We like stuff on our heads, ladies. It's time to stop telling people that it's not natural. "If God had wanted us to have something on our heads, he'd have put it there". Well, God did. And forever since we've liked having something on our heads, whether it's keeping our hair private for our special guy, or decorating it up with flowers and jewels.

No more culture wars, please. Just let us all wear our headcoverings in peace. Thanks.
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