Tuesday, November 17, 2009

History and Romance - Studies in H.C.

Lucy has been busy lately finding articles about headcovering that are both informative and illustrative (they include nice photos). :) Thank you, Lucy, for forwarding these links!

Romantic History Historical Clothing includes a short article describing and detailing how to make a pretty "classical cap". The author, Sarah Jane, describes:
"Although this cap is not taken directly from any particular period, I think it looks best with late 18th century and early 19th century styled/inspired gowns since the way the crown is shaped conveniently accommodates the hairstyles of the time. This pattern could also be used for a cozy nightcap, made out of cotton for summertime wear or flannel (wool or canton) for cooler weather."

"Tignon Laws in Louisiana" is an article in "19th-century American Women--a museum in a blog", depicting a 19th century headcovering of another sort, the "tignon".
A tignon is a series of headscarves or a large piece of material tied or wrapped around the head to form a kind of turban resembling a West African gélé.

It was the mandatory headwear for Creole women in Louisiana during the Spanish colonial period, and the style was adopted throughout the Caribbean island communities as well.
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