Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Covering in Schools

Oregon teachers may get OK to wear religious clothing in class | Oregon Education - OregonLive.com

Following the ongoing story of the new rules in Oregon, which protected the rights of people to wear a headcovering, even if it reflects their religious background, in all public places and jobs EXCEPT for public schools. This article points out how Oregon is only one of 3 states to still have the law against wearing "religious garb" into a classroom, and it is found to be based on anti-catholic and immigration laws put in place by Klan members many years ago. Keep up with some of the discussion in Oregon here (and elsewhere on the web).


Meanwhile, on the other side of the world...

Kulhudhufushi school makes veil mandatory : Minivan News - Maldives News

Part of the story:

“They feel that if somebody wants their child to wear a veil that’s acceptable...but imposed on everybody alike, that’s objectionable,” he said.

A mother of a boy in grade one, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told Minivan News that the decision was put to a vote at a parent-teacher meeting two weeks ago and a majority of parents voted in favour of the new uniform.

She said parents were asked whether they supported the proposal to introduce long trousers for boys from grades one to four and the veil for girls from grade five to seven.

“They gave parents a piece of paper to tick if we supported it. I voted against it because I thought it would be difficult for boys that young to wear trousers,” she said.


And back in Canada, freedom is the issue ...

Bannning veils against Canadian constitution, students say : The Weekly Albertan

Students feel a request by the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) to ban the burka or any face-covering veils is against the Canadian constitution.
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