Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Experimenting with Headcoverings"

The Anchoress: Experimenting with Headcoverings. | Little Miss Attila

Short and sweet and practical too. A sort of middle road opinion.

I do believe they are a good idea for women in public worship, at least on a theoretical level. I prefer scarves or caps for women, as brimmed hats seem a bit anti-social: no one loves a nice hat like I do, but anything with a brim is likely to cut off the other parishioners’/congregants’ view of the mass/service. (I know, I know: I ought not to care about seeing the human beings, but as a practical matter one must at least be able to see the person leading the music, so one knows when to sing, vs. when the choir is carrying the load.)

I suppose I think it’s good that someone women are wearing them, and that some are not. The women who wear them minister, in a way, to other worshippers who need to “up their game.” They certainly are likely to enhance their own focus. Those who are not wearing them minister to newcomers, and Easter-Lily types.

So I shall have to be, once again, a squishy in-the-middle sort of person on this, just as I was on the question of how casually one ought to dress for church. (My feeling was, well enough not to distract anyone, but not well enough that one would distract anyone. Attractively, but not provocatively. No bare shoulders unless the AC is busted.)

Now, that link in this article... click where it says "a good idea" above. Good reading there.
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