Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Gender Distinction

"Baptist Press - FIRST-PERSON: Boys wearing skirts to school and sexual sanity - News with a Christian Perspective"
by Albert Mohler Jr.

This article contains some good thoughts about the differences between men and women, boys and girls - and various cultures - from a conservative Christian perspective. I believe that part of the reason for many people's problems with women covering their head, or their hair, stems from the confused perception that men and women are really not different, except in who can give birth and who can use a standing urinal. Even the problem with men who choose to cover can be traced to this uniformitarian-ish attitude that everyone should fit the current cultural norm regardless of gender or anything else.

As soon as I began to understand more about the differences between us women and men, then I saw more sense to the point of head covering, modest and feminine dress, gender "roles" and strengths, and what propriety means in general. Women were lied to, and told that unless they were a man then they were worthless. Men have been lied to and told that unless they explore and develop their "feminine" side they are worthless. Here's a couple of quotes from this article that I am on the side of:

"Clothes are never a frivolity -- they always mean something." ~ James Laver

Kay Hymowitz of the Manhattan Institute argues that this is one reason that so many schools have shifted to students wearing uniforms. "It's hard enough to get students to concentrate on an algorithm," she reminds, "even without Jimmy sitting there in lipstick and fake eyelashes."

The controversy over boys wearing skirts to school is a symptom of our loss of sexual sanity and the will to preserve any reasonable and healthy understanding of gender.

God made human beings to show His glory, and an essential part of that glory is the visible difference between males and females that is reflected even in the public presentation of dress.
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