Friday, November 20, 2009

Praying Always

I came across this article and discussion which specifically addresses the Sikh - and the topic is one that is very close to others of us who are not Sikh: "Can one pray to GOD with head uncovered?" Of course, the words of my question here are not the words used in the article, where Sikh tradition, ritual and culture are being discussed. But when I initially skimmed through this article, I found several interesting thoughts - in that prayer is indeed a blessing and is more than outward ritual. Of course, when one covers their head or removes their shoes, for the Sikh, this is an outward sign of their highest respect and regard.

As a Christian, I also understand a reasoning for covering my head in respect during prayer. It is not always the most opportune situation when I may feel a desire to pray. Does this mean that because I cannot kneel, or have a chance to cover completely, or have someone present to pray with me, that I should not pray at all? By no means! I will always attempt to pray in the best circumstances that I can, with proper regard for GOD and for prayer itself, which is a wondrous privilege. But if it is not all that prayer can and should be, then should one refrain from prayer? What if unbelievers are present? Or I'm in a place where things may be going on that I do not take part in? Or if I have forgotten a scarf when I left the house in a hurry?

I know that some women will wear covering 24/7, just in case they want to pray at any moment. Does that mean that GOD will not hear prayers of the uncovered? That I "sin" if I am not covered I offer up a prayer? What do you think?

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