Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Headcoverings and the Body of the Messiah

"Headcoverings and the Body of the Messiah", from EliYah's Home Pages.

A very thorough study and informative link, found via the blog : "Yahweh's Newport Assembly." Subjects from the passage in 1 Corinthians include the idea of traditions and things passed on from the apostles, the male head covering and the glory of GOD, the difference between men and women as discussed by Paul, and even an interpretation of the confusing "because of the angels" line. Many good points to read and meditate on.

Here's the opening paragraph:

The subject of head coverings has been a source of much confusion for many believers in the Messiah. However, in this study it will be evident that the reason why it is a source of confusion is because of a lack of understanding as to its purpose. Many have written studies which examine historical data or various theories which attempt to explain the head covering issue. But we can learn why women should cover their heads and why men should not cover their heads simply by looking at the reasons given in 1 Corinthians and studying out those reasons in other scriptures.
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