Monday, September 29, 2008

Head Coverings for Fun and Non-Profit, again

I found a similar fund raiser called a "hat day", where students pay to wear head coverings in school, back in March 2008, and reported on it here. This time the fund raiser is set in Maryville, South Carolina, and their cause was another elementary school in Galvaston, Texas, that needs help recovering from recent hurricane damage.

Maryville students raise $400
Written by Scott Harper,, 9/28/2008

Hats and caps were the fashion trend at Maryville Elementary School Friday and it was all for a good cause.

Normally, students are not allowed to wear the head coverings but, on Friday, they were allowed to buy their way out of that rule.

It was "hat day" at the school and for a donation of $1, the students were allowed to show off their favorite hats all day.

Some students forked over a buck so they could show off their favorite sports team -- 2nd grader Erica Placer was decked out for Clemson -- while others imitated their hero -- Damion Patterson was wearing what he called his Indiana Jones hat.

The money collected is all going to be sent to Burnet Elementary School in Galveston, Texas, said "hat day" organizers Patti Ward and Clay Cook.

Ward said because of Hurricane Ike, the school was filled with more than two feet of water and lost many of its books as a result.

"Because I love to read, I cannot imagine losing all those books," she said.

According to the Galveston County Daily News, it is expected to take at least six months for the needed repairs to be made to the school for the return of students.


Hmmmm: Maybe if the girls in Turkey could figure out a way to convince the universities there to accept a small gift (to be donated to charity, which is a secular virtue as well as an Islamic virtue, don't you know), they could be allowed to wear their "hats" to school? ....
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