Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Rules in Australia and Chechnya

"New laws that will allow police to force the removal of burqas, helmets, hats and other clothing concealing a person's identity have been passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly.". . .

". . . But women who wear a head covering, such as a burqa, for religious or cultural reasons will be allowed to request that it only be removed in the presence of a female police officer or in a private place in accordance with their beliefs." 

From the article: "ACT Assembly passes laws to force removal of burqa", by Lisa Cox, March 21, 2012

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Meanwhile, in other places the authorities are forcing a wearing of head covering:

From the article: "Chechnya's Islamic revival is becoming less voluntary", by Diana Markosian, Special for USA TODAY
 "Despite the separation of church and state under Russian law, Chechen schools must now promote Islam. There are prayer rooms in just about every school and a strict dress code, forcing all schoolgirls to cover their heads in school. Many are unhappy over the decree." ...

" . . . The process of Islamization was voluntary in the beginning. Women who wore a headscarf were rewarded with a prize. Now all women and girls, regardless of their religion, must observe Islamic dress code by wearing a head covering, long sleeves, and skirts below the knee in public schools and government buildings. Those who refuse become targets."
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