Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Russia Head Scarf Ban"

"Russia Head Scarf Ban: Putin Opposes Headscarves At Russian School"
in, 10/18/2012

In a article reviewing the European trend to ban head coverings of every sort, in every public place, President Bladimir Putin is reported as speaking out against the wearing of headscarves in Russian schools.

"Putin's statement follows a recent incident in Russia's southern region of Stavropol during which a school principal forbade girls from Muslim families from wearing headscarves to class. Their parents protested and the principal said she was threatened.
Asked to comment on the issue, Putin clearly voiced his opposition to headscarves at schools, saying that Russia is a secular state and must create equal conditions for all its citizens.
At the same time, Putin sought to calm passions raised by the dispute, saying that authorities must show a due respect to followers of all religions.
"We have a secular state, and we must proceed from that," Putin said at a meeting with supporters."

 Putin said that . . . any departure from secular rules in public life could eventually lead to the infringement on the rights of followers of other religions. "It would be better if all people feel equal," he added.

In an interesting in-website link, the HPost has linked a 19 photo slideshow of Muslim modest fashion from various fashion shows. Fabulous.

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