Monday, May 27, 2013

Gatsby Style Head Scarf

The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey have brought the Roaring Twenties forward a hundred years. As always, style follows popular cinema and television. Just you watch; it's already started. Bloggers and hairstylists are bringing forth photos and how-tos throughout the internet inspired by the whole art deco genre. Get ready to adjust your head scarves as modesty will allow:
Daisy's scarf from Great Gatsby: find out more about how to tie at's  Scarf Tying How-To's
Club Monaco Gatsby Head Scarf
(over $80, but we can find something to match it in our own price range)
Our Production Coordinator looks fab in her glad rags! For this one I folded the scarf as many times as I could and double knotted it at the bottom. Looks just like Daisy's in the first photo.
A modern take, from a blog photo article on Gatsby style hair pieces at The Twistband Blog
Check out this cute style from "The Great Gatsby: Timeless Glamour" blog entry
""Tie Your Headscarf The Daisy Way"
"Prairie Girl in the City" created this Gatsby inspired look

Great Gatsby Scarf Tutorial | Henry Happened
"Henry Happened" posts pictures and video of how to create the Gatsby style scarf wraps
Another "Inspired by Gatsby" head scarf wrap style
Marc Jacobs head scarves
Check out the Feminine Headscarves at the Marc Davis runway fashion show (how-to at link)

Gatsby 6
"Made With Loops" presents the knitted version, free pattern linked at her site

Photo: Turban Scarf Headband..Style It Your Way!!
Turbans Designed by Venius shows off a variety of turbans and wraps that fit the 1920's styles as well as today's

And don't miss"10 Ways to Style a Head Scarf" - a video from The Kit: Beauty and Fashion, inspired by the ladies (especially Lady Edith) of Downton Abbey.
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