Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two Christians Who Cover

I have wanted to link to "Veiled Glory" for some time, but haven't decided what would be the best way to call your attention to this blogger. I will let "Veiled Glory" speak for herself. Please check this latest article, as well as other links from this blog:

Covering for Beginners - When
March 19, 2008 — cbrunette

(Here is the introduction to this article:)

You are here, reading this blog, because you’ve been somehow drawn towards the ancient Christian practice of covering one’s head. There are the usual reasons for the conviction, from reading Scripture in a new light to seeing another woman who covers and becoming intrigued. How ever which way you ended up here, it is clear to you that God has spoken and you must obey. But how? I will go through several questions every woman must clarify, especially if she is not a part of a church that actively promotes covering. Let’s start with,

When do I cover?

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Also, see Amy's Place, for several blog entries on head covering by a Christian woman. (I've linked here to her blog articles with the label "headcovering".) It was at Amy's Place that I found this sweet poem:

Head Covering Poem

I have a head covering in public I wear.
I am the one who put it there.
I heard in my heart a voice.
It was then I made my choice.
Some asked who forced this on me.
I tell them it is no one did,
I chose it freely.
I do it in my respect to God.
But you wouldn't know the path I trod.
They may have never experienced his love.
Nor been saved by a blessing from above.
People see how I am dressed and at times they stare.
But so be it,
You know I don't care.
I gave my life to him.
The love and light in my heart shall never dim.
So let them talk and do as they will.
It is for him these things I fulfill.
For it is in my life that I shall spend
Loving my Lord until the end.
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