Monday, December 22, 2008

Thinking About Christian Headcovering

Several articles have reached my attention, which you may want to read, concerning women who cover their heads to pray and that passage of reading in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16.

"the voice of one crying in suburbia" has written before concerning these verses, and his family's growth in understanding this concept of women's headcovering. He's posted a response to the article that I referred to a few days ago, which discussed the concept of headcovering as a moot point in scripture, as per "exegesis". Please see his entry from December 21, 2008: "Headcovering and exegesis."

"The Family Revised" presents a very interesting personal point of view of a woman's hair (her own), and this passage in 1 Corinthians 11, on December 21, 2008: "Thoughts On My Hair". I really appreciated her thoughts here and encourage others to read.

Responding to a comment on his headcovering wife's blog about obedience and salvation, also read "If we walk in the light", December 18, 2008, "Obeying God- A salvation issue?"

Also read "Plain Sabbath Keeper"'s invitation to join her Yahoo group for "Veiled, Sabbath Keeping, Homeschoolers", as she encourages: "though you feel alone, like Elijah, GOD said there were 7,000 left that were serving Him, and have not knelt down to Baal, and Sisters that is still true. You may be the only one in your town, and even your county, that is wearing a head covering and dresses, and Homeschooling and all the other commandments GOD has given us, But feel encouraged Dear Sister, you are not all alone." This blogger has also provided a 4 part study of headcovering recently, beginning here at "part 1".

For more information on conservative Christians who also practice headcovering by women, check the article in The Ventura [California] Star: "Mennonite community", who live in the county there. Video from this article:
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