Monday, December 1, 2008

Veiling the Sacred

"The Secular War on the Supernatural"
Article by Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand, July 17, 2006

This article explains with much information the problem of forgetting the supernatural in the church, specifically the Catholic Church. I am not Catholic, and so some of this was very helpful to me in understanding the sacredness of the traditional Catholic Church. In our modern era, sacred things are forgotten, as we all seem to strive to make everyone equal. But there are secular things which are strongly representative of supernatural truths. One of those talked about much in this article is the female person, and so, we come to the section on veiling:

And this is why the female body should be veiled because everything which is sacred calls for veiling. When Moses came down form Mount Sinai, he veiled his face. Why did he veil his face? Because he had spoken to God and at that very moment there was a sacredness that called for veiling.

Now the . . . feminists after Vatican II suddenly “discovered” that when women go to Church veiled, it is a sign of their inferiority. The man takes off his hat and the woman puts on a veil. My goodness, how they have lost the sense of the supernatural. Veiling indicates sacredness and it is a special privilege of the woman that she enters church veiled.
Please read the entire article at the link above, to understand more of what the author is saying.
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