Friday, August 28, 2009

Headcoverings are not Hats

Headcovering news:

1. Muslim woman told to remove scarf sues Mich. judge

2. France: Woman Wearing Hijab Denied Entry By Bank (VIDEO)

The comments and reasons all complain that women should not be allowed to wear a head scarf because everyone else goes into courtrooms and banks (and pools and schools and basketball courts and etc.) and takes off their hat. Or graciously put, "doffs their hat".

Hat. Did you read that?


Yes, they should take off their hat as a sign of gracious respect in the Western world. BUT.

A head scarf is not a hat.

Read this:

A brim is what makes a head covering a hat — without a brim, it isn’t a hat, but a cap or a beanie or such. So not only are hats not back, but we no longer even know what they were or what to call them.
Found this quote in "Political Mavens"' commentary: "Hats are not back," by Neil Steinberg.

The purpose of a hat, cap, beanie or such is very different from a hair covering scarf. The end result of a hat or cap or even do-rag before a bank video camera is different from a hair covering scarf. The look is different. Different people wear them.

Enough ignorance already.

See also, "It's not a hat, Judge; it's a hijab!" Feel the frustration.
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