Friday, August 21, 2009

Recent Articles for Christian Headcovering

"Fisheaters and Headcoverings" discussion posted at "Theology 4 Amateurs"

"The Significance of the Christian Woman’s Veiling"
by Merle Ruth, reposted at "Thoughts from the Heart"

"How Someone Ignorantly Asked Me If I Was an Arab" posted at "revelife"

"Women's Head Covering in Worship (again)" on the Puritan Board

Headcovering Tute (per request) by "Innisfree In Alaska"

"The Headcovering Re-Examined" at "The Chronicles of the Elect"

"Catholic Living 101: What should you wear to Mass?" at the

Biblical Role Of Godly Women by "test all things"

"Long Hair as a Woman's Glory" by "A Set Apart Life"
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