Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria Day!

Victoria Day is celebrated in each year in Canada as a memorial to honour Queen Victoria, who reigned during the time of Canadian Confederation in 1867. The day is also the Canadian day to officially celebrate the birthday of the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The third or fourth Monday of May was neither lady's official day of birth, but it is a wonderful time of the year for a long weekend and fireworks.

As headcovering ladies, these two world leaders are exceptional. Victoria, though not always painted with a veil as a young woman, has come to be remembered as a grand lady with a long, lacy veil, as seen on coins, postage stamps, statues, and other portraits. It is also very hard to picture the modern Queen Elizabeth II without her trademark hats (or for casual wear, a scarf tied and knotted under her chin).

Enjoy your day!

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