Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Poll and Update

Dear Lovely Readers and Researchers,

I am honoured that you've chosen to "follow" my blog, or that you have taken the time to stop by and read about this small but special topic in the world.  I - the blogger - have taken quite a leave of absence lately, and have not been here to update either the blog or the web pages which I had put together to accompany my research.  I plan to take some time in the coming months to review, research and update the "Those Headcoverings" pages and blog, and I have a special request of You, Gentle Readers:

Please take a moment to let me know, either here or at using the poll above, why head covering is important to you at this time.  Maybe it is a new phenomenon to you, or perhaps you are looking for encouragement or ideas to continue with an old habit.  (er, no pun intended there...)

Being human, I cannot answer every question; but I do hope to be able to share links to blogs or websites or articles that may be of some interest and help to others.  I probably won't be publishing and updating daily, but if you will please be patient, I hope to make this blog much more helpful and encouraging to all, as I had originally intended.

Me?  I am a head covering (for 3 years now) Christian (for about 24 years), trying to follow the Bible as the Word of God.  I have friends who are Muslim and Roman Catholic, have had several Sikh neighbors, and I have had internet-friends of Jewish and Orthodox Christian faiths.  I have known ladies and men who covered their heads when cancer treatments took their hair, and I know many in food services and nursing who wear hair coverings to keep their hair to themselves.  I enjoy the many styles of head coverings, from hats to berets to scarves to veils, and really enjoy reading blogs and articles about old fashioned hats and other coverings from the past.  I have a friend from Nigeria who was going to teach me how to wrap a gele, but I just couldn't get it - it takes quite a talent to wear those African crowns.  :)

But most of my friends go bare-headed, letting their hair down, or cutting it short;  just so you know.  It's the same all over - but though we are in the minority, and "stand out in a crowd" because of our choice, we are not alone.

Once again - please let me know what you'd like to see in this blog or in a web page.  (I may completely redo the web pages.)  Add notes or links in your comment here to clarify your choice in the poll above.  But most of all, please.... be encouraged!

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