Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fashion Scarf

Monday, May 18, 2009
New & Hot: ABonita Head Scarf
--By Jules Newmark, in the "Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle" blog

There's something about a chic woman who is totally put together, but a little bohemian looking. Whether she's wearing some chic boots or a scarf, the woman has a touch of downtown, beachy/urbanness that's almost too great to call one style. A put together mess one might say, but others know, this woman is hot on the trail of the trends and changes them to make the most sense for her.

That being said, sometimes a hair-do can be the end all factor in a perfect outfit. Many woman don't know what to do with their tresses and end up in a wanna-be style that doesn't suit them or their mirror. A great look is the head scarf. Now don't think a do-rag, beanie, turban or any of the above. This is a look simply accomplished by tying a scarf through the hair or around like a headband. Bonita Sands recognized the same people and created her own line of hair scarves called ABonita.

Click to ABonita scarf here

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