Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Principle Behind Christian Headcovering

"1 Corinthians 11:3", by Andrew at the blogspot, "Article 7"

Please click to read a good article considering the idea of headship, and submission and service in the lives of Christian men and women. This writer states in the beginning of his article: "We are about to hear about a church tradition that is not followed any more, and is culturally bound. However, the reasons for that church tradition (namely: head covering) are sound teaching that still stand for every time and every culture."

This eternal principle of headship and personal submission is the reason for the outward practice of headcovering, and so we must understand that headcovering is not just a cultural tradition to show what belief system one is a part of. Though often viewed as a mere culturally bound expression of a spiritual principle, I believe the the act of wearing a physical headcovering guides one to practice this principle, when the principle is taught as this blogger writes about it.
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