Saturday, May 30, 2009

Head Covering is Good for You, again

IL Dept of Health warns residents:

"Take precautions from tick bites"

As the weather gets warmer, you'll probably spend more time outdoors.

That's why the Illinois Public Health Department warns residents to take precautions against tick bites to prevent contracting the diseases. The department has received reports of five cases of tick-borne illness in Illinois this year.

Ticks become most active now through June when the ground temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Ticks live in and near wooded areas, tall grass and brush.

If infected, ticks can transmit diseases including ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Lyme disease. Below, there's more information on symptoms and how to protect yourself from tick-bourne illnesses.
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Among the many suggestions made (check the above link to find out), notice that you should:
Tuck long pants into your socks and boots. Wear a head covering or hat for added protection.
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