Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Decision to Cover

"Head Coverings: Taking I Corinthians 11 Seriously", by Women in His Image, at wordpress.

A personal study and understanding of the Bible passage from one who has recently begun covering to pray. Here is a portion of her blog post:
Men should not cover their heads, since they are the image and glory of God and covering their heads would dishonor the One who is supreme over them (God). Women are called upon to cover their heads because they are under the authority of man, and to have their heads uncovered would dishonor the one who is supreme over them (husband). The head covering is the symbol of this authority.

So why am I choosing to cover my head during prayer? I believe that no part of God’s Word is void of meaning or significance. I don’t believe that this part of the Word is simply “cultural” or has been over-ruled by the modern feminist movement. I believe that there is blessing in this practice.

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