Thursday, July 16, 2009

French, German Law in Oregon?

New upcoming rules in Oregon (in the liberal, open-minded northwestern US) have some folks wondering what's going on. Apparently, the rule will be (or at least includes the concept) that you cannot, in Oregon, refuse work to someone because they choose to wear religious head coverings. Fair, right? . . . EXCEPT if you are a public school teacher. Apparently if a little kid sees a man in a Sikh turban or a lady in a headscarf they will be oppressed into joining some other religious background at the mere sight?

Thing is, the religious folks who would wear a headcovering are probably not the ones that will want to read the "homosexuality is just a different lifestyle" books to the 1st graders, which is completely acceptable and pushed in the West, but they will probably, by law, read them anyway. After all, as the powers that be claim, books like this do not "press" a child into accepting a certain behaviour, but simply let them see that it is an alternative lifestyle.

But those headcoverings - without a book open or a word said - will damage our youth somehow?

As long as "religious apparel" does not harm anyone (like some piercings, tattoos, high heels, flip flops, or guns, for example, do) - why is it banned?

I've read where some folks think that it's the conservative Christians doing this - that we want our freedom of religion at the expense of others' freedom. NO! I want to be free to wear my headcovering to work or to school too, as well as my modest clothing, or my right to take time out to pray during the day if I feel it's important for me or someone else to do, for spiritual reasons. I want teachers to have the right to have their Bible at their desk, if they choose to read it during their off time for a spiritual uplift. If the secular folks and the religiously soft who cave to the secularists make up rules to ban anything that looks "religious" in a public school, IT AFFECTS ALL OF US.

Oh, grrr. I think I'm going to go clean something.

"National Sikh Organization Rejects 'Gaping Hole' in Oregon Discrimination Bills",

"Oregon Law to Discriminate against Headcovering Teachers", in Opinion Ate It at blogspot, with links and other information

~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE, reporting the peaceful protest and a little history:
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