Saturday, July 25, 2009

Follow up - Georgia Court Rules Headcoverings OK

From WSBradio: "Ga. Courts to Allow Religious Head Coverings"
By Jay Black; July 25, 2009

(WSB Radio) The Judicial Standards Council has voted in favor of new policy to balance security concerns with a person's right to practice religion in a public place.

The decision comes seven months after a Douglas County woman was ordered in contempt of court after she refused to remove her head scarf while she accompanied her nephew to court. Lisa Valentine tells Channel 2 Action News, who is Muslim, wears her head covering for religious reasons.

. . .

The story made national headlines and attracted attention from several civil rights groups.

The new policy, which takes effect immediately, requires a search of a person wearing a head covering for medical or religious reasons. The individual can have the inspection performed by a same-sex officer conducted in a private area. The person is then allowed to put his or her head covering back on following the investigation.

Stories covering this are all over the internet. Some articles place the word "Muslim" in the title, as the description of the allowed headcoverings, but please note, this ruling applies to all religious reasoning as well as those covering for health reasons.
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