Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Encouraging Christian Women to Cover

Lady Muhala wrote in her blog "Testimony of Grace", on July 2, 2009: "Beware the Spirit of Compromise". Please read her story, and be encouraged.

I have been away and hadn't been able to keep up with this blog, or I would have posted this link sooner. I wanted to write some "great" thing about her post, but I will let her words speak for themselves. For those of my readers who don't know her, this lady has written a book for Christian women and headcoverings, using comments and testimonies from many ladies here in the blog world. We all need encouragement to walk the narrow path, especially when so many well meaning followers of Christ tell us that it's all right to not be so zealous in our obedience. Keep up the good words, Muhala. And, everyone, keep up the good works, which we were created to do.
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