Sunday, July 5, 2009

International Day of Christian Veiling

I've been out of town, but received this note that I'd like to pass along as soon as I can. It was emailed to me June 24th. Please write and let me/us know what you all think...
Grace and peace in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I'm so glad to speak with you! I hope I find you well and safe in God's keeping! I just wanted to let you know of an exciting opportunity that you may want to mention in your blog as I'm trying to get the word to everyone that I can. By the grace of God, I came up with an idea to help Christian sisters who believe and are convicted of the Biblical practice of head covering/veiling, but feel restricted for whatever reasons and are uncomfortable doing so. Maybe because of family or spouses that disagree, or societal stigma, or whatever the issue may be. I thought that if they had a special day to be encouraged and feel safe that it would help them step out boldly in their convictions. So I have decided to call it the International Day of Christian Veiling where any Christian woman convicted of covering can do so boldly and confidently knowing that all over the world on that same day sisters are covering with them and showing the world that we Christian woman are proud of our submission and modesty. The idea was introduced in Yahoo Answers and received no love, even from a Christian woman who claims to practice covering! I felt, Ms. M, that since you too have the conviction and have so boldly been leading the way in encouragement for sisters and women of other faiths, that maybe you see this cause as a worthy and sincere cause and perhaps would help with the promoting of the idea.(?) Last week I spoke to a dear sister who is so heartbroken because her loved one is absolutely against her desire to cover. Some months ago, I befriended a girl who's mother threatened her because she wants to cover at all times and not just in church. Therefore not only do I believe this is needed for these sisters, but for their opposition as well as I believe a united front of strong, God-fearing women can help them see that their is nothing to fear and that we just wish to express our faith in God's Holy Order! Whatever your choice, I want to THANK YOU for your blog and many encouragements first of all, and second, for considering this proposition at all. God bless you and keep you and continue in the good fight of faith. Thank you so, so much.



"Modest Fashion Cents" posted a link in a comment below, which can be found also by clicking here: "International Day of Christian Veiling - Logo".

Thank you so much for jumping in and getting things started, Modest F.C.! And thank you, as well, Shelly and Ahavah, for your kind words. Let us encourage one another.
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