Friday, July 24, 2009

Headscarves for Babies

Check out: WWooBie Headscarves for Babies

Why baby headcoverings? The website lists these reasons:

* They Look Great ~ they give ordinary baby duds that extra little something
* They Stay On ~ babies that tear off hats, constantly keep them on because they can't see the brim
* They are Soft and Comfy ~ no rough or scratchy Velcro
* They Support Children in Need ~ 25% of our Proceeds go directly to Children who need help
* They Prevent Sun Exposed Scalps in the summer and keep heat in during winter. Extreme weather can be dangerous for infant scalps and a WWooBie™ stays in place even on the playground!

Those photos are also directly from the website, which has a whole photo gallery for more examples of what they're talking about.
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