Thursday, July 16, 2009

Practical Headcovering

"Another Head Covering Question" at Catholic Answers Forums

Simple questions, plain answers, a couple of illustrative photos accompanying, and some discussion on reasoning too

Also, this sweet story in one of the posts:

I am not a 'headcoverer' but have a story I'd like to share:

My DD (6yrs old) was misbehaving in Mass one Sunday while my DH was lectoring. I asked her quietly to be quiet and sit still. She didn't listen. So I whispered to her and said, "why can't you be good like those girls in front of you?" There were some girls ahead of us who are very well behaved and wear the mantillas. SO she says to me, "That's because they are 'little Mary's' and I'm not a little Mary!" I said to her, "What's a 'little Mary?" She says, "that's what those girls are!" (in her snooty voice!) So after Mass, I asked her why they were considered 'little Mary's' and she was not. She said to me, "Because mom, they wear those things on their head and I don't have one." I said, "So if you wear one of those you will behave?" She says, "yes mom, I promise" So I bought her one and had it blessed. She wore it and I'm not kidding, she's been behaving very well ever since. A friend of mine said, "I think I'll go buy them for the whole family, even the boys!" LOL!! (she was kidding of course).
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