Monday, October 31, 2011

How to sew a Christian veil

Please, go to this lady's videos for numerous helpful and sweet videos to help you make and wear your own simple head coverings, as well as learn other sewing tips.   Her website, for more information on these headcoverings and other modest issues, is : She offers head coverings of various styles for sale as well. Because of this, she notes at her website "10-21-10 Please note: Due to my personal convictions I will not sell coverings to someone if I know they will be used for costuming purposes for Halloween. There may be cases where I wouldn't mind a costume in general as long as it is used in a Godly and respectful way...but a Halloween costume is not among them. I do not mean to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, but I am adamantly opposed to that holiday and what it stands for. I prefer that my covering sewing time be used for making coverings that are to be worn for Biblical purposes. This is obviously something that must be on your individual honor as I do not always know what a person may place their order for. It only just occurred to me that someone might wish to order for that reason and I just felt led to post this as a policy, especially as it is that time of year."

You can read her own words here: "Headcovering Testimony," By Mrs. Eleanor R. McDonie.

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