Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Fifa appears ready to fix football's Hijab issue once and for all"
"In June this year, the Iran women's national team forfeited an Olympic qualifier after they were not allowed to wear head scarves, but will episodes like this soon become history?"

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Will this be a proof text for others now, that hijab - literally, modesty in dress - is not merely a religious statement, and will not hamper the exercise of a sport or other activity in every day life?  Will women who wear modest clothing, including head coverings, be accepted as women who choose to dress more modestly, and not as religious nuts or subservient nobodies who quiver before tyrannical male masters?  Oh, wouldn't it be lovely?

And how interesting that it is FIFA who may be leading the way for women of the world, considering that they represent "the beautiful game"?  More power to them, and to women who actually enjoy sport. 

Actual wording, as of this state in the game:
  "In a recent seminar funded by Asian Football Development Project commission, all participants, including Fifa vice-presidents, agreed on a proposal that “Hijab is not a religious symbol or statement and rather is in abidance with culture, and discrimination and exclusiveness of players are to be avoided because of cultural costumes. While safety of Hijab should be considered a priority for Fifa, further medical studies are needed with Fifa co-ordination, in regards to aesthetic arguments and type of material.”"

Maybe women volley ball players will decide that it's okay to wear clothes now?  Well,  it's a wish... .
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