Friday, November 11, 2011

Brandon woman memorializes mom with ministry |

Something about those head coverings. . . . Just a nice story today. :)

"Brandon woman memorializes mom with ministry |"

HATS JR 003 "After Irene Westley died, her daughter, Juanita Westley, launched a ministry called Women of Many Hats in her memory."

By MICHELLE BEARDEN | The Tampa Tribune

Irene Westley loved hats. Hats that made bold statements. Hats that captured the imagination. She had them in a rainbow collection of colors, from the brightest to the subtlest hues, adorned with bows, feathers, buttons, flowers and festive pins. They lined the shelves in all her closets; 132 hats in all.
Her daughter Juanita once commented on her mother's passion for fashionable head coverings.
"It's not the hats you wear," Irene told her. "It's the roles you play every day."
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