Wednesday, December 21, 2011

History and Headscarves in Politics - Turkey

Often when we are looking up news stories concerning head coverings, the country of Turkey appears.  Its history, especially the recent past, can be confusing to many.  In Turkey, the secular West struggles with the conservative Muslim population, in all areas, and especially as things concern women.  Conservative women cannot attend university or get many jobs if they choose to wear a head covering, and secular women feel that the growing popularity of Islamic political groups threatens to keep them from jobs or other opportunities.  It is a time for open eyes and minds, and for real investigation of all the different ways of life.  If Turkey has you stumped, you have to keep up with it.  The article linked below gives a brief though quite helpful overview of the situation for women in Turkey, which may help us to all better understand others in the world, and the confusion surrounding the head covering in other places too.

"Muslim Lite: Women, Islam and the Turkish Way" by Roger Friedland, Visiting Professor, New York University-Abu Dhabi, in the Huffington Post (image above linked from this article)
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