Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year

Dear Readers,

How quickly the time has gone by, and here we are at another year end already!

(not everyone is represented here)
At this time of new year resolutions, I pray for every one of you who will read these words: that you will continue to learn and grow stronger in faith, that you will find comfort and encouragement from others to do what you know is right, that as you learn you will not forget that others have not seen and heard the things which you have, and so they deserve your patience and gentleness in word and deed. 

May we live quiet lives of peace, humbly covered by unconditional love, shining like candles in the dark.  May our little pieces of cloth be a sign of devotion, humbleness, and gentleness to all, and may we remember why we wear those headcoverings - every time we struggle to keep them in place.

And now, as the apostle, Paul, I praise you: for remembering me and all those who write to you of good things; and for holding firmly to the ordinances and traditions which you were given.


(photo taken from Women’s Head Coverings in Different Religions; November 29, 2011 by humarashid, in the blog, The Reasonably Prudent Law Student.)
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