Sunday, January 29, 2012

'Hang on to Your Hats' opens tonight at museum

'Hang on to Your Hats' opens tonight at museum - Fort Morgan Times

New in-house exhibit created from museum's collection of headgear
By JENNI GRUBBS Times Staff Writer
Posted: 01/25/2012

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"It wasn't that long ago that everybody wore a hat," she said. "Whether you were the president of the United States or a day laborer, everybody wore a hat."
But today, wearing hats in everyday life has become "more of an anomaly," Cooper said.
"In just a couple of decades, my, how things have changed," she said. "Hats were such a part of our culture for centuries."
Now, Cooper and the Fort Morgan Library & Museum are hoping that area folks will come revisit that culture and history on display in "Hang on to Your Hats."

Display in Colorado only, but an interesting idea!
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