Monday, March 25, 2013

"Hijab controversy: Kids also face persecution"

Kids with hijabFound in the Nigerian Vanguard: "Hijab controversy: Kids also face persecution"

 "As a demonstration of modesty and obedience to Allah, Muslim girls and women wear head coverings called “hijabs,” particularly when in public. Q24:30–31. For Muslims, wearing a headscarf is not only about religious expression, it is strictly religious obligation; and if the constitution freely provides for freedom to exercise one’s faith according to section 38 (1) of the 1999 constitution, then where lies the tolerance so claimed by non-Muslims?"
The article deals with the problem of girls who suffer for wearing a Muslim style head covering, in Lagos, Nigeria. A teenaged girl who wore a headscarf was apparently beaten by her female principal in front of a special assembly called in the school, as reported by one student observer:
“The principal addressed us and warned that if we didn’t stop putting on religious outfit during the school hours, we were going to get into trouble. She subsequently called on Aisha and gave her about 43 lashes. Some of us started crying on the assembly. Her body was covered with marks of the cane. The principal had warned us before, but that day was more serious,” she said.
Making a rule against wearing a headscarf, and then publicly flogging a young woman for supposedly rebelling against authority, is just unjustifiable in any country, religious or not. According to one account in the article, the crime is blamed on the non-religious of the area, those who have lost a faith they once held. Regardless, this is just not acceptable human behaviour, and only a few small steps behind those who would deny a young woman or girl her education simply because she chooses to honor her faith and her family by covering her head in public. May those who have been persecuted for their faith in other places and ways understand.

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