Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Snoods, Turbans, Scarves Recommendations

"Offbeat Modest Dress" has posted sources for "snoodish turbans" at her blog - Hedeyah: Another Source for Turbans. Click her blog name to see her recommendations. Also, check out these sources mentioned:

StarScarves.com (berry turban photo, right)
2Hijab.com (red turban photo, right)
Hedeyah (tan turban photo, right)

"Free To Cover" has also posted a great source for scarves at her blog - Anokhi Scarf. She had mentioned she ordered from them earlier, and is now giving praise and recommendation to Anokhiusa.com, who provide for sale beautiful hand block printed scarves. (photo of "twilight" scarf from Anokhi, left)

Please also check out her pretty home made version, which she called the "Snookerchief"!

EDIT 10/06/08 - Free To Cover has posted "How to Wear a Snood" now, as well. Enjoy!


For more on the fashion of combining scarves and pretty modest outfits, check out this website:

Taqwa Iman, Inc. is a clothing company that is dedicating to offering modest clothing options to women of all ages. Taqwa Iman offers long skirts, conservative tops, beautiful scarves, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, and tote bags. All of the products are very affordable. Its modest clothes at modest prices. The website is http://www.TaqwaIman.com


Need help in tying those scarves? Check the "Headcoverings Illustrated" list, to find several websites that offer tips and ideas!
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