Thursday, July 31, 2008

Christian Headcovering Testimony

taken from "I want to be a Shaker please!"
by Kristie
. . . I reflected on my own desires the past couple of years. man, how I wished I could live in a “Christian community”! I guess I thought it could solve all my issues, make life so much easier…then I would dismiss the thought. I also reflected on the many ladies that I have encountered in the online groups that practice modesty or headcovering (or both lol). So many want to move out…away from it all, to purify themselves and their families. I, myself, would love nothing more than to pick up and move out into the country, away from everybody. But what about the “world”? What about modern “churches”? Do we Christians, need to move away? (Now if there are extenuating circumstances where you NEED to move do to safety, drugs, or whatever that’s a little different) Where are the “lights” for those who are lost?

When God moved me to modesty and headcovering, He made it clear (after much searching on my part) that I was to do it where ever I was at. Meaning, that even if I was the ONLY person in my church, I was to continue on in obedience. When we left [----], it was for several reasons (not for me to discuss on here). We did go through a searching time. And God provided almost exactly 1 year after we left there! [----] is a good little church, far from perfect, but a great family. They have accepted me where I am, no matter how funny LOL I may look! I believe that through my obedience, God will speak to people. Not that I am anything special, but I know how much seeing people obey God in whatever He tells them, really influenced me! When we buy our first home, it will be where God calls us, even if its right smack in the middle of the city.

See also Kristie's story: "how I came to be more modest and headcover".

Be encouraged!
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