Friday, August 1, 2008

That Kheffiyeh (Men's Headscarf)

The head scarf worn by men (and women?) of the Middle Eastern countries, where it is very hot. For centuries maybe. The modern version, as everything, is also stylish in some ways, and can also take on meanings - by the wearer and the observer, which may not actually be the same meaning.

Please read "The scarf that caused all the trouble" by Jacquie Myburgh: Fashioning Business, in The

"Keffiyeh Fashion Symbolizes Jihad?" in

"You say keffiyeh, I say shemagh" - Urban Outfitters; Can keffiyehs ever be just a fashion statement? by Karen Burshtein, National Post,


P.S. - if you're interested in how to tie a man's head wrap, here's a short (musically accompanied) YouTube video, by Feras / posted by frezphillystyle : "How to tie a Head-Wrap..."


P.P.S. - I really posted this one too soon. Just in from the Daily News - Egypt: "A dozen and more ways to tie a headscarf – for men", By Chitra Kalyani, August 1, 2008 (photo from page)

Oh, wow. Check this out. We are so ignorant in our part of the world where men are proud of their locks (or otherwise, just cut them off) - and either way, it's not usually "cool" to cover their heads, for heat, sun, cold or anything other than supporting your local union or team. Of course, these scarves serve all those purposes at the same time. Am I rambling? I find this a really interesting different lifestyle, myself.
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