Sunday, August 3, 2008

Christian Headcovering Testimony

Please notice: "Why are you wearing that thing on your head, Ms. Debbie?" by Debylin at I really appreciated the thoughts of this woman who has recently started head covering. Here is part of what she wrote:
I had made the decision about I think close to 3 months ago to start wearing a head covering full time. I had listened to a sermon on head coverings and researched it for myself and found it to be completely biblical. When I first put one on it was a bit uncomfortable and I thought I looked funny. But all that didn’t matter as I wanted to be obediant to the word. It is important to show that I am in submission to God and my husband. Glorifing God should be what is most important in the life of a true believer and me wearing a head covering does just that. Some would say it is legalism and I say how can being obediant to the word be legalism. How can glorifing God be legalism? This is just one part of the process of separation that I have taken.

She also included several Bible scriptures, and an audio link to a sermon that she found online: "Just scroll down to where it says headcoverings part one and then you can listen to part two as well."
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