Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kippah Photos of the Month - Politics, and Being Green

Shmuel Tennenhaus, of (which I've mentioned here before), has alerted me to a rather interesting fun slideshow on the website: "US Presidents Wearing Kippah". Click the link for a smile.

Photo of "Hot Kippah" from vanitykippah reads, "Don't you wish your kippa was hot like mine?"


Meanwhile, somewhere else in New York...

"‘Green’ Kippah Grows in Brooklyn"
By Lana Gersten
, of the Jewish Daily

For Jews, the environment has always been a central concern. In the age of eco-conscious living, the issue has become increasingly visible. Members of the tribe may soon have another way of displaying their values, courtesy of Brooklyn-based artist Miki Katagiri, creator of a prototype for a “green” yarmulke nicknamed the “yarmulchia” for its close resemblance to the Chia Pet.

Though the prototype is made of felt and plastic, the yarmulchia is meant to be a symbol for Jews who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Katagiri originally made the head covering as environmental art and had not intended to design a yarmulke. But when she was spotted sporting one at a gallery opening in New York City’s Greenwich Village earlier this summer, a passerby suggested that her head covering could be made into a yarmulke. Out of that encounter grew the yarmulchia.

Katagiri said the yarmulchia, currently not available in stores, could be made to order.

For more information, e-mail Katagiri at photo by Tequila Minsky, in "Cheers for Green Hats"
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