Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Headcovering Christians

Two Christian women who cover their heads have posted their reasons and how they wear a headcovering.

Sister Judith Hannah, from whom I have found informative blog entries concerning Christian headcovering (click here for her "why" answer blog entries), posts "HEAD COVERINGS here at HOME..., including a few photos of the styles that she uses for various reasons.

A Plain and Simple Life, posted a query for help with headcovers for little girls. I wrote to her, asking for her thoughts on having children cover their heads, and she posted such a thorough response in her next blog entry, I wanted to direct my readers to it as well. Please see, "About our headcovering practices...". Here is just a part of her post, for your interest:
In a nutshell, we believe The Lord has led us to cover, according to His Word shared in 1 Corinthians 11. We believe our hair is given to us as our glory. Therefore, we choose not to cut off that glory, and keep our hair long. We wear coverings over our hair because we also believe this is contained in the same Scripture. We read that we are to be covered, as women, whenever praying or prophesying. As we are called to 'pray without ceasing' (1 Thess. 5:17), it just makes sense to us to be covered at all times.

For my older daughters, they wear a covering all the time, same as I do. My youngers, while not at an age of understanding or accountability so to speak, are growing up with dresses-only and headcoverings as their normal attire. It seems easier to me to not place them in both worlds...being allowed to dress in a manner that we will not allow later on. As Christians, we cannot live in both worlds and must choose which ppath we will follow. We cannot serve two masters. If my daughters are raised from the start to seek a modest dress and covering, the struggle of coming to it later, once the 'worldliness' has crept in, won't be there as strongly. It will simply be normal life to them.

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