Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Christian Headcovering - the Sacred Veil

In "Veiling the Sacred",by "Mary's Anawim" of wordpress, restating the sense of the sacred, and referencing back to the Lake Charles Latin Mass Society, and Fr. Robert Fromageot, F.S.S.P. (which has been referenced before in this blog; if you haven't read it, please click here for the full text).
Consider also, the function of those things which are ordinarily veiled: the tabernacle, the chalice, etc. All of these are vessels of the very Source of life, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Light and Life and of the World. It is because these vessels are designated to contain Christ Himself that they are sacred vessels; hence, they are used for no other purpose than to receive and contain the Blessed Sacrament.
. . .
The leading lights of our age often claim to champion the rights of women, and in certain respects the claim is legitimate. At the same time, however, our age has clearly not sought to protect and foster the sacred dignity of women. On the contrary, society would have us remove our wedding garment, divest ourselves of Christ, and put on the “old man” and make ample provision for the flesh. Men are practically encouraged to treat women as mere objects of pleasure, and women are encouraged to seek this degrading form of attention and accept it as normal and compatible with their dignity.


Consider also: "Head Coverings Redux" by "The Rosemary Tree" at blogspot. Quoting a bit from a personal account of Christian head covering from the Orthodox Christian Information Center, (if you haven't read this testimony, please do), she posts a photo of a model wearing a cute headcovering hat (shown below), and posits:
I mean, if covering one's head in church allows us to participate more fully in the life of The Theotokos and makes us more harmonious with our Guardian Angel, what's not to like? The author's experience rings true and resonates with my personal experience. Amen, Elisabet! Now, if wearing a beret could only make me look like the model above ~ wait; it does? At least a little bit? Ah ha! When women realize head coverings are gorgeous, the churches wil be full of them, say what? If purity doesn't do it perhaps vanity will...
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