Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"How to wear Hijab"

Equal time! The other day I linked/posted a how-to manual on choosing a head covering scarf, which could apply to Christian and Jewish women, as well as women who desire to cover for hair loss or other reasons. Today I came across a blog with a similar purpose, but specifically for how to wear the Muslim style head scarf. I often remark in this blog that I personally don't think that most women choose one style over another so that they can mark out which "team" they belong to. But I would be lying if I said that I really believed that to be true 100% of the time. Many women do in fact wear their hijab, or mantilla, or prayer cap or bonnet with pride, BECAUSE it easily identifies them with their type of belief. Of course, they must also be made aware themselves, that many women like to wear the same style of head coverings because they like it, and may not share their beliefs after all. It's really a many faceted thing, this head covering. But, I digress. Please read the following article on how to wear a head scarf, in identify-ably Muslim styles (and there are quite a few!). Note - There are many spiritual aspects to a style, too, especially where purity and modesty is concerned, so the decision to cover your head is not a decision to be made too lightly.

The following is a thorough article: several basics, lists, pictures and links included.

"How to wear hijab: choosing your own style", from islamzpeace at wordpress.
Often when a new muslima or one who has decided to start wearing hijab looks at the variety and types of hijabs available it can be confusing. It is also confusing when we see some women covering from head to foot leaving almost nothing exposed, yet others wearing pretty much western clothing with just a scarf over their hair. It is important that when a woman puts on hijab that it is for the sake of pleasing Allah and for seeking the reward in the hereafter. So where is a woman supposed to begin?


I keep seeing that book title used in the photo above, and I have longed to use it in a post. The book is listed in my "other resources" in the sidebar.

Does My Head Look Big In This? is the first novel by author Randa Abdel-Fattah. It was released in Australia, by Pan MacMillan Australia, on the 1st August 2005. It won the Australian Book Industry Award for Australian Book of The Year Award for older children.

The plot involves a sixteen-year-old girl who decides to adopt the Muslim custom of hijab dress, with varying reactions from her family and peers." - from Wikipedia

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