Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Un-orthodox Jewish Head Covering

Sometime before I came to Israel, I took on the custom of covering my head at, pretty much, all times. Sometimes I wear a kippah, sometimes a scarf wrapped in such a way that I hope it is obvious that what I am covering is the top of my head and not my hair. I have been doing this for about two years now.
From "Covering My Head", by Azadi, in "Beyond the Near.net". Read here of the understandings and experiences of a woman who chooses to cover her head with a kippah (usually worn by Jewish men) rather than a full hair covering, as is usually the case for Jewish women.


Head coverings of all kinds are truly worn by people of all kinds for various reasons of all kinds. To me, a head covering is just not a simple symbol of one thing or another in our world. One must stop and ask or study the subject for themselves. Or at the very least, one must not assume that they can know or judge what goes on under that head covering, in the mind and heart of the wearer.
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