Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Head Coverings for your Health and Safety

Health director warns of Rocky Mountain fever
August 22, 2008 - 12:39PM
The Telegraph

"The recent death of a resident has prompted a warning about Rocky Mountain spotted fever by the Illinois Department of Public Health." Among information and other tips for protection:
. . . Persons spending time outdoors in areas where ticks commonly are found - wooded areas, tall grass and brush - should take precautions against all tick-borne diseases:

Check your clothing often for ticks climbing toward open skin. Wear white or light-colored long-sleeved shirts and long pants, so the tiny ticks are easier to see. Tuck long pants into your socks and boots. Wear a head covering or hat for added protection.

For those who may not tolerate wearing all of these clothes in hot, muggy weather, apply insect repellent containing 10 percent to 30 percent DEET primarily to clothes.

(For those who may not tolerate wearing all of those chemicals in any weather, apply some clothing.)


How Can Women Avoid Sexual Harassment When Traveling?
by Dorothy Yamich
found at "3x24.com"

An excerpt:

When you are traveling, or on vacation, your best protection is to understand the local culture and customs of that country. By observing how the local women behave and dress will give you valuable clues on how to avoid sexual harassment.

If the local women cover their hair and their arms and legs then you should do that also. Do not wear bikinis, swimsuits, or short shorts in towns where local women are all covered up. Dress conservatively.

Be sure to avoid direct eye contact with men as they might think you’re flirtatious. Do not speak, smile, or wave at strange men who may smile or say hello to you. If a man begins to follow you, cross to the other side of street. If this tactic doesn’t work, find a policeman, or go into a store and ask for help.

When you need to ask directions, always ask a woman. And, if you are traveling by bus or train, you should always sit with other women.

It is a great idea to carry a versatile head scarf in your handbag just in case you need to cover your head and arms.

(These ideas work well in non-headcovering cultures as well!)
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