Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking for Headcoverings?

A couple of new links came up this week, though there are so many places to find head coverings of various styles on line these days. Keep searching and finding!

(various styles)
"GRAND OPENING SPECIAL!...10% off your order!

Just type in coupon code 10off in your shopping cart.

(after adding an item, you must click on "My Cart" to enter a coupon code)

Plus - Pre-Passover Special. 48 hours only! One Dollar Shipping in the US! No coupon code necessary!"

Head Covering Veils
(smaller lace styles)
"I have veils in Black or White and a variety of fabric and trim to choose from. The white solid fabric and the black sheer I am able to hem the edge if that is preferred. There are three shapes of veils. The A's are an oval, The B's are tear drop shaped and the C's are just a little tear drop shaped, but more narrow and long."
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