Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Head Covering Poem

photo from Designs by Sheryl Ann
The Head Covering
“Must I wear it?” some ask with dread,
“This covering of cloth upon my head?”
As if the command were stern to obey-
But I ask the question a different way:

If by this simple act I honor the Lord,
And model obedience to His precious Word;
If the Church may thus learn, as the Scripture hath said,
Her own sweet submission to her glorious Head;
If thus may the brothers be challenged to lead;
If in this small sign the daughters may read;
A woman’s true beauty; if angles discern,
And pause from their praises to wonder and learn;
Then I ask, not “Must I?” but “May I?”

- by M.A. Frees, dedicated as "Inspired by my wife’s sweet spirit"
Found in "A Word in Season," at Designs by Sheryl Ann (Head Coverings, Christian Music, Books & Scripture Texts)

Note from ThoseHeadcoverings: This is "free advertising" for Designs by Sheryl Ann; I have not received compensation for sharing this website store with you. Please drop by and view their page at "A Word in Season" (linked above) for more links to thoughts on head covering, modesty and other topics.
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